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3 Reasons Why Freelancing is not for Everybody

Everyone wants to be financially free. However financial freedom is highly subjective. What you define as financial freedom is different from what your next neighbor defines as financial freedom. To you, you might define working remotely as being financially free, while to the next person, being in a top position, and earning enough to cover all financial expenses is financial freedom. Financial freedom is relative and subjective. This is the same as working as a freelancer. As much as freelancing bequeaths to you the opportunity to be your own boss, and attain your financial dreams, this profession is not for everybody. There are people who perform best when they work with people, and there are those who will attain their financial dream by working in the office. Based on this, this article examines 3 reasons why freelancing is not for you. 

  • A Freelancer is not someone who lives behind the beach or a sociopath

There are different images people have constructed about freelancing. If among the image you have of the career, something like waking up in the morning, strolling to the beach and working while enjoying the beautiful serenity of the beach is one of them, you might be surprised that when you become one, you don’t get to experience this. Like working in the office, freelancing requires hard work, especially if you want to excel at it. Freelancing requires daily grinding. You might find out that you work for hours more than the person who goes to the office. 

  • Freelancing requires discipline and coordination

The truth is, if you are a freelancer who works from home, except you are highly disciplined, you might slack on meeting up deadlines. This is because you will constantly be under the illusion that you have all the time and can start your work when you like. You find out that when you wake up, instead of attending first to the jobs on your table, you are meandering about, doing other things. You might constantly find yourself behind schedule if you are not highly disciplined.

  • Freelancing is risk and uncertain

Have you ever seen or watched a movie about a hunter searching for prey? This is what freelancing is all about. Sometimes, the problem is not in getting clients, but in getting reliable ones. Sometimes as a freelancer, you might have to work for startups whose stance in the market is not yet solidified. In most cases, when the companies fold, you begin your hunt for clients afresh. Freelancing is for risk-takers. It is a field filled with uncertainties, especially when it comes to getting clients. 

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