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How to Maximize your Potential on Bixex

For every business owner or freelancer on any social media platform, the end goal is to earn some money. If you are on any professional social media platform and it is not adding any value to you or expanding your financial capacity, it is as good as you just catching fun and wasting your time. As a business professional, career experts, or freelancer on Bixex, below are 5 ways to maximize your potential on Bixex

Optimize your Bixex profile

The journey into meeting promising prospects and business professionals in your niche starts with your profile. Your profile is the first thing anyone connecting with you would check before every other thing. Ensure your profile on Bixex contains all the necessary details for your business or skill. Write a brilliant and catchy summary that triggers your prospect or client to take the next step. Do not forget to include your contact details on your profile.

Grow your network and connections

Aside from optimizing your profile, growing your network is important. If you want to get a faster result, launch into the deep. Connect with people and let them connect with you. Grow your network. The more people get to know what you are doing, or what you are selling, the more you get more sales or gigs.

Join communities

One remarkable thing about Bixex is that there are different communities on the platform targeted to help you grow. In these communities are business professionals and career experts. If you are on Bixex, join communities on the platform to learn what others are doing that you might not know. You also get to meet people in your niche who are either looking to partner or grow. Communities on Bixex are designed to help you grow.

Promote your skill or business in the social space

Beyond optimizing your profile, beyond growing your network, beyond joining communities to grow, let users on the platform see what you can do or what you are selling. Use the Bixex social space to promote yourself. Share posts, articles, and engage with other people’s content. This way, even people outside your network can connect with you and get to know you. Your next referral might just be waiting for that magic post on the social space.

Be consistent

There is a popular saying that Rome wasn’t built in a day. Success is a product of steady progress. Consistency is very key. Even when it seems you are screaming in an empty room, don’t give up. One day, someone outside will hear your voice and invite others to come and hear you. It is not rocket science. Consistency matters.

Are you a business owner or freelancer yet to get started on Bixex? You are missing out a lot. Bixex is a professional profile designed to help you scale your business or skill. The end goal is to expand your knowledge and finance.

Download the Bixex app on Google or Apple Play Store or visit www.bixex.com to get started.

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