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5 Businesses you can Start With Little or no Money

Do you plan on starting a business but are always discouraged because of the money it will cost you to start? Or do you want something easier and less time-consuming? This article focuses on 5 different businesses you can start with little or no money.


One of the professions you can start with little or no money is blogging. If you want to start with your blog built by a website developer, you can easily create a free blog on platforms like WordPress or Medium. If you are constantly sharing valuable content on your blog, in no time, you would start making money from sponsored content, ads, and product sales. The major requirement to excel in this kind of job is to be consistent and share valuable and engaging content.

Freelance writing 

Here is another growing profession that anyone can make money from. The major thing is to find a skill you can hone and sell. Freelancing is fast becoming a thing today. Many youths have one or more skills they sell as freelancers. Aside from the money, one of the things you would enjoy as a freelancer is freedom and independence. You are your boss.

Affiliate Marketer

One of the most popular methods of earning money is affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing lets you earn some cuts just by referring people to a product online. You act as an online marketer for the product and earn some shares by doing your job and doing it well. This simple job has made a lot of millionaires, don’t be left out.

Social media influencer

Working as a social media influencer is another great way to make money with little or no money. If you have very good followers and connections on one or two social media platforms, you are already good to go. All you need to do is hone the social media page to your advantage by working with brands and startups that are struggling with visibility and willing to pay to get into the limelight.

Social media manager

If you don’t have a huge follower but still want to work in the social media department, you can go into social media management. Here all you need to do is manage the company’s social media accounts. This can either be done as a remote job or a virtual one. 

Not all businesses require starting with a lot of money. These days, there are a lot of jobs you can do with little or no money. All you need is just the basic knowledge about the jobs and grow as you progress.

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