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An Introduction to Bixex

Is this the first time you are hearing about Bixex? Yes. Well, this is not surprising at all because chances are 4 out of 5 persons do not know what Bixex is all about. I am a registered freelancer on Bixex and have been active on the platform for a month now. After taking my time to study how it works, I wrote this article to explain what this platform is all about.

What exactly is Bixex and how does it work?

Bixex is a professional platform designed to cater to freelancers, business owners, professionals, and job seekers. The aim of the platform is to enhance the business world and make it easy for anyone to make money online.

Founded in 2017, the platform is fast becoming the home for freelancers and business owners. Not only this, Bixex is designed with a social space where all registered users can connect, share posts and articles, join communities, and grow their network. The social space is also a place to promote your skills, service, or business.

The platform directly connects people from around the world. It works as a middleman for business to business connection, seller to buyers deal, and job seeker to an employer.

Bixex provides the opportunity for you to share your skill with the world, grow and build connections, and make some cool cash while doing what you love. If you are yet to register on the platform, sign up now using this link. When you do, here are some terms you should be familiar with on the platform.

Some Terms on Bixex

  • Deals/offers
  • B2B Matchmaking
  • Business Directory
  • Marketplace
  • Home
  • Dashboard

Bixex marketplace is a place where freelancers set up their gig page

The deals/offer section works like the marketplace, it also displays all the registered gigs on the platform. This section is often used by buyers, business owners, or professionals who are looking to hire a freelancer or skill seller for a job

The business directory section is specifically designed for business owners. Here, the business owner adds his or her business details

The home page simply directs you back to the Bixex homepage

The dashboard contains all your information and activities on Bixex

Is Bixex free?

Yes, Bixex is absolutely free. There is no sign-up fee, subscription fee, or hidden fee. The platform also does not engage in any dubious deduction of your money. The only fee you pay is the 5% commission on every transaction you make on the platform.

Is Bixex good? Is it safe to use? Can it be trusted?

The answer to all the above questions is Yes. Bixex is real and can be trusted. It does not tolerate cheating, fraud, or violation of any kind. To know more about Bixex, go here.

Final thoughts

Bixex is a great place to sell your skill, and make money doing what you love. If you are a business owner, the platform makes it easy for you to connect with other businesses and hold transactions/deals. It is also a good place to grow your connections and network.



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