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5 Importance of Emotional Intelligence for Business Development

Every business is targeted at satisfying human needs, and emotion is one of the major triggers in buying any product. As such, your customers can’t separate their emotions from their patronage. Based on this, if you are a business owner, understanding humans should be among your priority. It is against this background that this article examines the 5 important steps to understanding emotional intelligence.

Identify your own Emotions

The first step to developing emotional intelligence is to understand your own emotions. When you understand the state of mind of your emotion, you would be able to control your reaction and response to external situations. The core of emotional intelligence is the ability to understand your own emotion. This helps you to detach your emotions from your response. Identifying your emotions is not as simple as it seems because there are triggers that might spur some emotional reaction. It takes constant learning and relearning to master this. 

Look for Solutions

When you understand your emotional triggers, coming up with strategies to handle them would be easy. If there is something that someone does that gets you angry, identifying this helps you to proffer possible ways to avoid the triggers. Also, because business entails working with different people and customers with different perspectives of life, you are bound to meet people who are not only difficult to work with but also tend to bring out the worst in you. Finding a way to manage these people is one of the ways to develop emotional intelligence. 

Manage Negativity

When faced with a challenging situation, emotional intelligence helps you to pay attention, and if there is more than one person involved, this helps you to pay attention to both parties and make your decision without fear or favor.


Listening is the ability to pay attention and try to understand what someone is saying. The ability to pay attention helps you in understanding what the other person is saying. Listening can make or mar communication. Also, research has shown that people who pay attention make good leaders and good customer relations officers. Listening is an essential aspect of being emotionally intelligent.

Be Attentive 

Beyond being a good listener, be attentive to triggers. Most times, when people are pouring out their anger at you, it is out of a place of frustration or stress. The ability to identify the trigger guides you on how to address the issue. 

Emotional intelligence is an important aspect of every business growth. It is essential because it is needed to understand the people you are working with and the customers you are selling to. The ability to understand your customers, pay attention to their agitation, and manage your triggers can help a business succeed. 

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