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These 3 Branding Factors will Help Skyrocket your Business

When you want to purchase from any company, what are the things you look out for? Is it the design, the logo or is there more to this than just the physical appearance of the products? Somehow, we relate branding with the logo and graphic designs of a business. While this is not completely incorrect, there is more to branding than the physical appearance of the business. Take for instance, when you think of a company like coca-cola, what comes to mind is not just the soft drink but more about their personality and value. In business, branding is the cumulative of what makes the company unique. This is why, no matter the competition, coca-cola will still remain on top of the list of beverage companies. In this article, I have decided to look into some of the branding factors we often ignore or do not even categorize as part of branding. Take a seat and read on. You will surely learn one or two things

Value Proposition

If you are into coffee and tea, there are a lot of companies that sell this same thing but only Starbuck customers get a sense of comfort and community. In the same vein, there are lots of companies that sell books but Tony  Robbin sells life transformation, not just books. This shows that there is something that stands out for companies more than the product they sell. This quality is what makes the companies unique and most often than not, it is what makes people buy. People patronize a business that sells value more than the ones that concentrate on its products alone. When you discover the value proposition of your company, selling this won’t be difficult. 

How do you treat your customers?

Let me tell you a story of one of my experiences and how it can affect your business. Early this year I was going to change my phone. I didn’t have enough money to go for what I want so I went for what I can afford. Getting to the market, the attendees were all nice and ready to help me pick within my budget but one among them stood out. After convincing me that her stall has all I need, unfortunately, she doesn’t have the particular spec she was selling to me. Notwithstanding, I was willing to add more money and get the one she has. On top of this, she gave me a power bank. I was very happy. When this same girl started her personal business, I patronized her and even recommended her to others.

How you treat your customer’s matters in business branding.


Personality is the attitude and opinion your business stands for. If your personality exudes concern, empathy, honesty, and trust, be sure that customers would patronize you. More importantly, ensure your personality embodies your company’s culture. 

Creating a brand for your company goes beyond the outside. It is the totality of what your company represents. It is what people feel and thinks about your business. Your branding is what sells your company. As such, ensure your company’s branding communicates the right message. 

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