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How to Create a Sales Funnel

If you are reading this article and don’t know what a sales funnel is, not to worry, simply click this link to learn more about what it is and the four important stages in a sales funnel. This article addresses the next question in the mind of every business owner who has read and understood what a sales funnel is. How do you create one? 

Before giving a detailed explanation of how to create a sales funnel, here are four important stages every sales funnel must cover. Once you clearly understand how these four stages work, creating an effective sales funnel would not be difficult. Below are these stages:

  • Visitor
  • Prospect
  • Lead
  • Buyer

When someone lands on your page either on the internet or social media platform, he or she is a visitor. When the person reads through your blog post, he or she becomes a prospect. If on the page, you have a sign-up section, and the visitor takes the time to sign up, the person is no longer a visitor or prospect but a lead. When a visitor becomes a lead, you can market your product or service to him or her outside your blog. This could be via email, text, phone, or all three.

Visitors who have been converted to lead tend to come back to your blog post. Also, you can easily send messages to your leads informing them of a discount price or special offer. When your lead takes the next step and buys from you, you earn a customer or a buyer. Whether the buyer continues to patronize you depends on the quality of your product and your offer.

The goal of every business owner is that all visitors get to the stage of becoming a buyer, however, this is not often the case. Perhaps this is why the funnel diagram is used to describe the sales funnel. The funnel is large at the visitor stage and small at the buyer stage. Those who visit your blog post or product description are usually more than those that patronize you. This is partly because, at every point, your message is targeted at the right audience. 

What does an effective sales funnel look like?

Here is an example of an effective sales funnel. Take, for instance, you are selling hair care products. Your target audience is mostly on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and they are between the age of 20-50. You run an ad on Facebook informing your target audience on the ingredient to look out for when getting hair care products. The ad takes the reader to a landing page that has a sign-up form attached to it. For every reader that signs up, there is a small gift attached to this (let’s say, a guide on taking care of their hair). 

After the ad, the next step is to gather the email of those that sign up and over the next couple of days, send educational content to them on how to take care of their hair. 

After a consistent period of sharing these contents, attach a 10% discount for the first-time buyers in your next post. Because you have been consistently sharing educational posts, these people will readily buy from you. 

Now that you have successfully converted your visitors into customers, start the whole process all over again.

There you go! Creating an effective sales funnel is not as difficult as you think.

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