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What is Referral Marketing?

Let’s play a short game.

Whose testimony would you trust? The sales letter opinion or your friend who had used and can testify of the effectiveness of the product or services?

No doubt, we trust our families, friends, sisters and brothers, and even strangers. This is why reviews, testimonies, and recommendations work. 

Somehow, we have in one way or the other engaged in referral marketing. If you have ever told someone about the effectiveness of a product, what you are doing is referral marketing. If you are reading this article, chances are, you want to learn and know more about referral marketing. Grab a chair and a cup of coffee as you read on. 

So what is referral marketing?

Put simply, referral marketing is a marketing tactic that uses word of mouth, testimonies, and recommendations from existing customers to attract more customers. What this means is that if you are a business owner who encourages your existing customers to not only share their reviews with you but also share with their friends and families in need of your service or product, you are engaging in referral marketing. One can easily say, with referral marketing, you convert your existing customers to your brand advocate. 

Why does referral marketing work?

  • One of the reasons why referral marketing is effective is because we easily believe testimonies from people because we know they are testifying based on their experience.
  • Customers acquired through word of mouth tend to also do the same should your product or service meet their expectations.
  • Customers acquired through word of mouth also tend to come back later because they trust your brand.
  • Word of mouth is one of the guaranteed ways to earn a customer’s trust.
  • Word of mouth or referral marketing is one of the cheapest methods of advertising. It is cost-effective and powerful.

Having said this, one of the platforms that understand the effectiveness of word of mouth and have incorporated this into its interface is Bixex. On Bixex, once you enjoy the service or product of a business owner, you can easily refer such a person or product with your connections. No doubt, if as a business owner, you are yet to get started on Bixex, you are missing out. Beyond the referral benefit, there is the B2B Matchmaking opportunity targeted at connecting businesses to businesses for deals, transactions, and other related benefits. What else are you waiting for?

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