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How to Change and Manage your Privacy on Bixex

If you have signed up on Bixex and would like to restrict your profile information and activities to only those connected to you, follow these steps:

  • log in to your Bixex account
  • Navigate to your profile image on the right side of the homepage
  • Click on it and select settings
  • Open the settings
  • There are two major types of settings you can do: account settings and privacy
  • Click privacy
  • Now, you can choose to display your contacts to only those connected to you by choosing my connections or connections and fans instead of everyone
  • You can also hide your email
  • When you do, your account would only be visible to those you want.

If you have followed these simply steps, then you have successfully changed your privacy settings.

Bixex is simple, safe, and secure.




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