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3 Reasons Why Marketing Fails

If you are a business owner or have ever managed a firm before, I bet you would agree that failure is an unavoidable part of the growth process. Business failures are one of the ways we learn what works and what does not. Experiences as this, helps you to filter out the strategies that will succeed from those that will stifle your organisation. While experiencing failure in business should not be completely condemned or avoided, the last thing you want to experience as a business owner is losing a huge chunk of money because you have been chasing the wrong direction. How then do you filter the right choices from the bad ones? This article examines 3 reasons why marketing strategies fail.

Insufficient information

Have you heard of the popular saying that “Half-baked effort yields half-baked result?” This is the same with marketing. Take some time to go through your marketing strategies that worked with those that are not working, one of the things you’ll notice is that for those that work, you have a better understanding of the market needs and your product or service came as the solution to the problem. There is no shortcut or two ways about it, if you don’t have a deep and clear understanding of your market, you continue to chase the wrong direction. Your market determines the effectiveness of your strategy.

Wasting time on important but distracting activities

Uploading blog posts is essential, ensuring that your landing page is well designed is also important but as a business owner, if this is part of the works of your marketer, they only end up exhausting themselves on works that are important but distracting. This is why it is important to have enough hands on deck to ensure the smooth running of your business. Let your marketers work on pertinent marketing issues like the market, the product, the sales letter, the market’s demography, their age, what their pain point is, how your product or service can address this pain point and so on. 

Involving too many persons

When it comes to building a good marketing strategy, everyone will always have a good suggestion. Working with too many people and too many suggestions not only delay the work but also bogged your marketing team. All suggestions are valid, don’t get me wrong, but when you feel you have landed something original, work with this.

In building efficient marketing tactics, you never stop trying until you achieve your goal. Some techniques you think will work may fail, while others you think will fail may work. The most important thing when developing efficient marketing strategies is to avoid the pitfalls examined in this article and to test your ideas. Inefficiency can creep in, don’t be deterred.  Amend when necessary and be optimistic.

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