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Why You Should Use Bixex to Promote Your Business or Skill

Have you heard about Bixex? If yes, how well do you know the platform?

To start with, Bixex is a professional platform targeted at enhancing the global business world. The platform is designed to make earning money online an easy feat for freelancers, business professionals, and entrepreneurs. Beyond the financial benefits, the platform also helps to build lasting business and professional relationships. If you are a business owner and you’re yet to enjoy the great benefits of Bixex B2B Matchmaking section, you are missing out. On Bixex are different sections like deals/offers, marketplace, and B2B matchmaking. If you are a business professional, entrepreneur, freelancer, or job seeker, here are the ways you can make Bixex work for you

  • Create your Bixex account.

Like every other social media platform, the first step to enjoying the benefits of the platform is to have an account. If you want to enjoy the numerous benefits Bixex has to offer, download the app on Google or Apple Play Store or visit to create an account. After this, take your time to explore, check what each category or segment on the platform entails and see how this can benefit your business. 

For instance, one very important segment on the platform that every business owner should take advantage of is B2B Matchmaking. This section helps to connect businesses with other businesses for deals, transactions, and professional business relationships. 

  • Add a business page

If you are a startup owner, ensure you don’t miss out on this aspect. After creating your page on Bixex, the next step is to add the details of your business to the page. Your business page contains the details of your business and makes it easy for you to promote your business on Bixex social space. This way, your business gains more awareness which eventually converts to more leads.

  • Set your gig on the marketplace

If you are a freelancer, Bixex also has you covered. After creating your account, navigate to the marketplace section on the platform. Set up your gig page and keep showing up constantly. Bixex marketplace is a professional space where buyers look for sellers. It is the first place professionals or business owners who are looking for service providers go to.

  • Promote yourself using the Bixex social space

Bixex also has a social space for personal and corporate branding. The social space helps users on the platform to gain more visibility and puts you in the mind of potential clients and customers. The social space allows you to grow your connections and increase your visibility.

  • Join communities to enhance your growth

Bixex platform has a list of communities created to help you grow. Joining this community helps to expand your visibility and also connect you with professionals on the platform. However, when you join any community on the platform, ensure you engage regularly. This way, anyone who needs collaboration can easily reach out to you.

To get started on Bixex, download the app on Google or Apple Play Store or visit 

Bixex is simple safe and secure




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