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Bixex: The Best Platform for Creating an Online Presence for Your Business

In the business world, the only constant thing is change. This change is usually caused by innovation and current customer’s method of demand. No doubt, the outbreak of the pandemic set a great alarm for businesses operating offline. This in turn skyrocketed the number of online businesses. With numerous businesses competing for both online and offline, as a business owner, how do you maintain your business progress?  

Have an online presence.

To start with, having an online presence does not mean creating a page for your business on all the social media platforms. There are more businesses on social media than the ones we are familiar with. However, what makes those ones stand out is their marketing strategies, dedication, and resilience. 

Although constant visibility pays, smart visibility pays more. Why is this? Not all businesses are registered on Snapchat neither are there as many businesses on Youtube as there is on Facebook. Don’t be surprised that the businesses you know might only be using 3 or 4 platforms among the numerous. The key is not to be registered on all the platforms but to choose the best for your business. Rather than register your business on about 10 social media platforms, registering on 3-5 and staying consistent with them might be all your business needs. 

If this is the case, what are these 5 platforms that you should choose:

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Bixex
  • Instagram
  • Twitter

Among these 5, if you have not created a page for your business on Bixex, you are missing out. 

Bixex is designed for business owners to promote their business and also connect with other businesses for transactions and deals. As a business owner interested in getting your business into the global marketplace, Bixex is one place to achieve this. All you need to do is to add a business page to your Bixex account. If you don’t have an account yet, download the app on Google or Apple Play store or go to www.bixex.com.

After this, follow the steps below to add a business page to your account.

Note: the option for adding a business page to your Bixex account is only available for desktop users, you might not be able to do this if you are a mobile user.

Steps on How to Add a Business Page to Your Bixex Account

  • First, sign in to your Bixex account, navigate to the business directory option, and click on it.
  • When you do, among the options that pop up, choose add a new business page.
  • Next, fill all the following options:
  • Business image,
  • Business name,
  • Business punchline,
  • Business about,
  • Year of foundation,
  • Employees size,
  • Business location,
  • Business website,
  • Business mail,
  • Phone number,
  • Language. 

Ensure you fill all 11 options, then click on save.

With this, you have successfully registered your business on Bixex.

After this, ensure to stay consistent with the platform. Share posts about your business, engage with other business owners on the platform to learn their strategies. 

Bixex is simple, safe, and secure.




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