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What you May Not Know About Bixex?

Bixex is a professional platform designed to connect business to business, alleviates the challenges freelancers and business owners face with getting gigs or contracts, and help simplify the process of making money online. 

On the platform are different segments targeted at making it easy for anyone to use the platform. For instance, there is the B2B matchmaking designed to bridge the gap between businesses with common goals and interests. 

The marketplace section on the platform is specially designed for freelancers to post gigs, set a deal, and launch themselves in the global world. If you are a business owner on the platform, you can also create a gig for your business in the marketplace.

If you don’t have a digital business card for your business, the platform makes it easy for you to create one by clicking the add card icon on your profile.

Another important section on Bixex is the wallet. This is where all payment is being made.

Bixex works like a middleman guaranteeing the smooth flow of business between a seller and a buyer. The platform connects the two categories and ensures that both sides are duly satisfied. 

Things to note when holding transactions on Bixex

  • When a buyer decides to patronize a seller on the platform, the payment made is placed in escrow until the client or customer expresses his or her satisfaction. 
  • For every successful transaction on the platform, Bixex only deducts 5% and the rest goes to the appropriate wallet account.
  • The platform has a social space where all registered users can build their connections and join different communities. The social space is designed for users to share posts, write articles, and engage with others’ posts and articles. It is the perfect place for professional and business growth.

Is Bixex legit?

Yes, Bixex is a legit platform for freelancers, business owners, professionals, and job seekers. It has a customer support system that attends to all issues and difficulties encountered on the platform.

  • All transactions on the platform are properly delivered and recorded.
  • If a service or product seller fails to deliver as and when due, the customer or client can either reach an agreement with the service provider to extend the delivery time or contact the customer support system to ask for a refund. 
  • All information shared on the platform can be restricted or made available for everyone to see. It’s your choice to set your privacy how you want.
  • All registered freelancers are made to fill in their experience level and educational background. This is to give a buyer an overview of the freelancer’s ability.

How to sign up on Bixex

Bixex sign up process is pretty simple. Since the app is already available on Google Play Store and Apple Store, you can easily download it and create your account. Better still, click

Bixex is simple, safe, and secure.

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