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5 Excellent Qualities Every Successful Entrepreneur Possess

I am yet to see a business owner who does not aim to make profits, no matter the size of the business. However, the sad truth is, not all businesses survive the incessant blow of the first 5 years of establishment. The ups and downs of business have made many promising entrepreneurs give up on their goals. The few that continued, fight tooth and nail to keep the business afloat. Notwithstanding successful entrepreneurs are not birthed overnight. It is against this background that this article examines the 5 excellent qualities every successful entrepreneur possess. Just maybe, this is what you need to keep the hope alive. Read on.


No doubt, you have heard a lot about why you should be passionate about your labour. Truth is, except by sheer willpower, it is difficult to excel as an entrepreneur if you are not passionate about your business. This is because challenges will come, you will get tired of the monotony, at a point, the negative result would overwhelm you. When all these start happening, your passion is the driving force that keeps you going.

Self -belief

Beyond passion, you need to believe in yourself.  If Henry Ford, the great automobile pioneer did not believe in himself after going bankrupt and facing incessant challenges, Ford cars won’t exist. In the same vein, if Bernard Marcus did not believe in himself after being fired from his only source of livelihood, there will be no Home Depot. To succeed in your business, you need to absolutely believe in yourself.


As an entrepreneur, it is not uncommon to find yourself in an overly saturated business. In situations like this, it takes a competitive spirit to scale through.  Think of ways to outsmart your competitors. Study them, watch them. What are the things they are doing and you can do better?



One of the downsides of managing a business is, there are times you will be confronted with vague eventualities. In such situations, taking a decision is tantamount to taking a risk as you don’t have a clear picture of the outcome of the risk. If it is a big risk, it might result in a big breakthrough or a big failure. To succeed as an entrepreneur, you need to be a risk-taker. Prepare your mind that not all strategies will work. 

Strong work ethics

Ethics can be defines as the moral principles that guide a person’s behaviour. Entrepreneurs with strong work ethics might be the first to get to the workplace and the last to leave. Before you know it, this attitude begins to rub off on other workers in that company. An entrepreneur who is known as upright, honest, and just can also propel the people working under him to imitate this behaviour. Having a strong work ethic as an entrepreneur helps to fast-track results. 

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