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How to Get More Business Leads on Bixex

If you have added a business page to your account on Bixex ad have been facing some challenges getting more leads on the platform, below are some of the ways to find more leads.

  • Create some business projects on the marketplace

Bixex marketplace is a place where vendors come together to sell their products and services. Service buyers on the platform can easily go to the marketplace, run through the projects on the space, and choose the ones that align with their needs. If your services or business projects are listed on the marketplace, this position you to get more leads

  • Promote your business on Bixex social space

Another place to promote your business on the platform is social space. Bixex social space is the place where you share your posts, articles, and engage with other people’s posts. Your posts, content, and engagement can also be used to promote your business visibility and get more leads. Engaging in the Bixex social space makes all users of Bixex aware of your business. The social space has more audience than just your network. 

  • Ensure your business is on the business directory

Having optimized the two options above, the next option is to ensure your business is listed in the business directory. Bixex business directory enables users on the platform to search for companies and businesses in a more targeted way. In most cases, a potential customer or client might want to use the business directory to streamline his or her search. Having your business on the business directory page is another effective way to get more leads for your business. 

To get started on the platform, download the app on Google Play Store or Apple Store, or visit

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