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The 4 Important Factors of Remote Working

When coronavirus broke out, little did we know it’s going to leave us with this very common phrase “I’m working remotely, or “I travel with my work.”

No doubt, remote working is on the rise, and more and more companies are embracing its flexibility. Aside from this, there are other great benefits of remote working that further distinguish it from the traditional 9-5 rule. One, the extent to which you are vulnerable to the carbon-monoxide from cars and industries is reduced. Secondly, you are relieved of the stress of jumping buses and wasting time due to traffic. More importantly, you can easily practice a healthy living habit by cooking your meal rather than visiting different joints and restaurants.

If you are working remotely or contemplating working remotely, here are 5 important factors to consider. 


Not everyone can work remotely and not every work can be done remotely. If you are the type that gets easily distracted or can’t tolerate distractions while working, you might not be as productive as you ought to be working remotely.  Also, jobs like engineering, accounting, and law do not perfectly fit into the remote working culture.

Looking around us, you will agree that the kind of work often done remotely are creative works like writing, designing, programming, website development, and related jobs.

This is why eligibility is an important factor in the remote working culture. Your work and your nature are essential factors that determine success in remote working. 


As good as remote working is, there are situations where remote workers misuse the freedom of working from the comfort of their homes. Most times, the remote worker is either slacking in productivity or busy doing other things. This is one of the reasons why most business owners find it difficult to adopt a remote working culture. 

However, one of the ways to ensure that you stay productive as a remote worker is your availability. If, for instance, you want to work, how well do you think you would be able to concentrate on the job?

Because of the flexibility of remote working, it requires a higher level of concentration and availability than the traditional 9-5 job. Create a working timetable for yourself, and ensure you can shut yourself from all forms of distraction and concentrate on the job. 


Here is where the job lies. The more you are productive as a remote worker, the more ratings you get and the more business owners are able to trust you with their job.

 To stay productive, discover your concentration time. For example, most writers, working remotely, attest to being more productive early in the morning and at night when the surrounding is quiet and cold. If you have a similar nature, wake up very early to attend to your work. You could fix other chores in the afternoon when you are less productive.


As a remote worker, you are responsible for providing the necessary equipment needed to fast-track your work. As such, ensure that before starting your remote working business, the necessary equipment is ready. 

To ensure you make substantial profits from your business, you may up your price. However, be careful because experience plays a key role in the amount you charge for your service. If you lack the experience, equipment alone won’t guarantee your productivity.


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