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What is Operational Management in Business?

Operational management is one of the most important aspects of a business organization. This aspect is concerned with overseeing the aspects that directly impact the productivity and profit of the business. As such, the operational aspect of the business is an administrative section concerned with maximizing efficiency in the business. 

The operational management handles the planning, organizing, and overseeing the implementation of the business process to ensure there is a balance between expenses and cost. The operational manager works side by side with the management of the company to garner strategies on how to actualize the vision of the company. The operational manager ensures that individuals in the company effectively maximize the resources they are provided with. Below are some of the responsibilities of the operational management in business

Product Design

While the operational manager does not handle the product design himself, he or she is responsible for ensuring that the products and services are exactly what the customer desires. The product design team generates new ideas that would be used in the production of goods or services. The team handles the creation and designing of products or services while the product manager ensure that the product or services match the taste or requirement of their customers


One crucial aspect that the product manager handles is forecasting the product or services that the business’s targeted audience would need. This includes the forecasting of ways to repack or remold the current products to ensure continuity in business. 

Supply and Delivery Management 

Because the product manager is concerned with ensuring that the product or services meet the customer’s demand. He or she oversees the supply and the delivery of the product. When the supply chain is properly managed, the production stage is seamless and effective. 

The operational manager is an important aspect of the company. For the effective running of your business, having a good and competent operational manager is expedient. 

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  1. Interesting article! I like how it identifies with the duties and responsibilities of the Operations Manager and his role in company management……the value of the Supply Chain and the role of the “Product Manager”. Operations Management is critical in implementation hence the need to work collaboratively with Strategic Management!!🙄🙄


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