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How to Invite your Friends to Bixex

One of the great benefits of Bixex is that it allows you to invite people to the platform using your invite link. The good thing about this is, when you invite people to the platform, it shows in your dashboard. Also, you can easily check if they registered on your dashboard. There is a price for this, but this price is yet to be revealed now. To get started, below are the 3 major steps to invite people to the platform.

Step 1

Sign in to your Bixex account. Navigate to the invite option. If you are using a desktop, this should display as part of the 6 options under my community. If you are using a phone, the option should also be displayed under my community.

Step 2

Click invite. When you do, your link would show in the first option with a copy icon in front. You can copy your link and attach it to any social media post you want to use to invite people to Bixex. If you have the email of the people you want to invite, you can easily fill in their email in the email option. The email option allows you to send an invite to more than one person at a time. To do this, click add. Add as many emails as you like and send the invite at once. Do not forget to click invite.

Note: below the invite button are options to share your link on any of your social media platforms. If you would rather share your link than sending an invite mail, click on any of the platforms you want to share this to.

Step 3

When you send an invite, the number of users you invited would show on the invited users’ list just right below the page. When any invited user registers on the platform, it shows on the registered users’ list. If, for instance, your invited users did not register, they would remain as invited users’ and not registered users.



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