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The Real Difference Between Marketing and Sales.

In business, marketing and sales are often used interchangeably. Though they work hand in hand, they mean totally different things. Despite the fact marketing professionals know some basics of sales and vice versa, they have different teams and the deliverables are measured differently. 

Marketing is the total of all activities that set the stage for sales to take place. It is the marketer that establishes a brand and ensures the reputation of the brand is maintained in the eyes of prospective and existing customers. 

Marketers engage customers and clients (existing and prospective), raising the profile of the brand so that it attracts the right people – those who are most likely to purchase the goods or services being marketed. 

Marketing is focused on the Four Ps: product, price, place, promotion. Marketers define and communicate the benefits of a given brand, attracting buyers by enlightening them about the particulars. 

While marketing is tied to the customer or client, sales professionals have an even more bottom-line relationship.

Sales have to do with making transactions happen, culminating in all of the activities that lead to direct purchases of goods and services that have been marketed by the marketing department.

Since marketing establishes and maintains the reputation of the brand, it is the duty of the sales representatives to ensure the brand endures financially by securing real revenue. So marketing creates awareness and helps people know of a brand while sales is about ensuring an inflow of money. 

A sales plan, therefore, includes the tools and resources that will be used to actually move the buyer from the “interest” (created by marketing) to “purchase” (the actual sale which brings revenue).

It is important to know that both roles are important. Without the marketer, sales don’t get off the ground, and without the sales representative, the ball is dropped. The marketers set the stage for the salespeople to walk out on stage and get a standing ovation from the audience. 

Marketing involves creating a large audience of raving fans which speeds up the sales process because these fans serve as brand ambassadors and refer others like them to the brand.

People are likely to trust their family and friends who believe in a particular brand that they are actual salespeople. Establish the trust through brand ambassadorship and those who believe in those people become buyers. 

Marketing is also tasked with the responsibility of creating customer avatars and personas which are representative profiles of the people who are most likely to support the brand or buy from them. 

While the marketers figure out the best clients, where they are and their purchasing power, he/she also creates content that can engage the buyer with the brand. And when they have been reached the salesperson ensures the process is finished by interacting directly with the client and closing the deal.

It is imperative to know that salespeople and marketers close deals together. It is and has always been a team effort and should be seen that way.

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  1. This is a really nice post and I understand better now the difference between both of them.

    Truly the existence of a marketing and sales executive cannot be over emphasized in a work place.

    Thank you for the write up.


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