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Beginner’s Guide to Bixex

Are you a freelancer or business owner?

What are your plans for the year?

The goal of every freelancer or business owner is to expand, get more gigs and contracts, and be more financially independent. No business owner wants to remain in a particular position without growing. Every business is created for growth. While there are a lot of ways businesses and freelancers can achieve this, one of the most proven ways is to get on all social media platforms that can help you grow. When we talk about social media platforms developed specifically for business owners, professionals, and freelancers, this discussion is incomplete without mentioning Bixex.

What Makes Bixex Unique?

When asked what Bixex is all about, chances are 4 out of every 5 persons have not heard about the platform.

Bixex is a professional platform designed to connect business to business, alleviates the challenges freelancers and business owners often face trying to get gigs or contracts, and help simplify the process of making money online. The platform is designed to enhance the business world and make it easy for anyone to make money online.

On Bixex are different platforms, each designed to simplify how to maximize the platform for your benefits. For instance, there is the B2B matchmaking designed to bridge the gap between business-to-business transactions. This segment is a fertile ground for small business owners. There is also the marketplace created specifically for freelancers to set their gig. Both small and big business owners can easily create a business page and promote their business using Bixex social space.

Like LinkedIn, Bixex has a social space where business owners, freelancers, and all users on the platform can promote themselves and their businesses. The social space helps you to grow your network by connecting with other users and engaging with other people’s posts.

How to sign up on Bixex

Bixex sign-up process is pretty simple. Since the app is already available on Google and Apple Play Store, you can easily download it and create your account. You can also sign up with this link https://www.bixex.com/signup?ref=7840ab3c-e7b7-4e51-9cc4-da513ee9f12a

If you are a freelancer on the platform, navigate to the marketplace or deals/offers, follow the required process to set up your gig page. For business owners, you can create a page for your business following this process.

To share posts and articles on the platform, go here

Is Bixex free? Is it Safe? Can it be trusted?

Yes, Bixex is absolutely free. There is no sign-up fee, subscription fee, or any hidden fee. The platform also does not engage in any dubious deduction of your money. The only fee you pay is the 5% commission on every transaction you make on the platform.

Also, it is a very safe and trustworthy platform. It does not tolerate any form of cheating, scam, or fraud. This is why when any transaction is made on the platform, the money is first kept in escrow until the customer or client shows that he or she has received the products or service.

Bixex is simple, safe, and secure.



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