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3 Reasons Why Freelancing is the Future of Work

Can I build a career as a freelancer or should I only do this as a side hustle? What is the future of freelancing? What happens if I’m just starting and yet to get enough clients to cater for my needs? These are some of the questions in the mind of every freelancer. Many believe freelancing should not be converted into a full-time job. If I want to answer this question, I would go on and on to address issues related to freelancing. Instead of doing this, this article examines 3 reason why freelancing is the future of work

  • Freelancers are the go-to for one-time projects

Freelancers are highly skilled people. One of the reasons for this is because freelancers have worked in different fields and have garnered experience from this field. As such, companies with one-off projects can easily give out their projects to one of the skilled freelancers. In addition to this, Will Lee, the CEO of Blue Whale, a company targeted at creating a strong network of one-person business, said: 

“Think about how this could be useful for a company. Say you need a professional writer for a single project. It would not make sense to hire a full-time writer, because your writing needs aren’t enough to justify it.

“Hiring a full-time employee would be expensive and a waste of company money. However, a freelancer would fit the project perfectly. The company would use the freelancer’s skills for the project, pay them, and then the two entities would part ways.”


  • Freelancing helps to reduce the cost of bringing an employee on board to handle the job

Think of the many things you have to put in place before an employee can join your company. From medical benefits to insurance benefits, the cost of hiring an employee would always be more than the cost of giving the job out to freelancers. In most cases, because the freelancer works at his or her own pace, the job is done faster and better than an employee would do it. This is one of the reasons the freelancing field is continuously expanding.


  • Millennials are innovative thinkers and on-demand creature

If there is something technology has done, it is that it has changed the way success is viewed, especially by the millennials. No longer is success seen as having a good job and tied to the 5-9 office rules. Millennials are innovative and on-demand creatures. This implies that they are constantly trying new things and since they can easily get everything at their fingertips, they also see success like this. This is why millennial price freedom as one of the major factors of being successful. Based on this, more and more millennials are embracing freelancing. Because it gives them time to be their own boss and practice different types of crafts.

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