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How to Connect and view your Connections on Bixex

Although Bixex is a platform focused on making it easy for anyone to make money online, it also provides an option for socializing and building your network. If, for instance, you are a starter on the platform, you can easily connect with influencers on the platform and build your connections. Below are five steps on how to do this:

  • Sign in to your Bixex account, navigate to the Connect & Follow option, and click to open.
  • When you open, you would be provided with these 4 options
  1. Your community
  2. My connections
  3. Invite in
  4. Invite out

Your community

Your community stands for people within the location you filled in when creating your Bixex account. For instance, if during the registration process, you filled in Lagos as your location, your community would include influencers within Lagos. This option displays influencers within your community with a connect option at the end of each profile. Click on the option to send out an invite. When you do, go back to the Connect & Follow option to send out more invites.

My connections

This stands for those you are connected with. If you have no connection, use the “your community” option to start building a network of influencers.

Invites in

This stands for those who are willing to connect with you and have sent out an invite option. When you click on the option, you would be provided with an option to either accept their connection invite or reject it. If there are no invites, it would show “no data found.

Invite out

This option shows the number of invites you have sent out and the state of your invitation. You can also use the “invite out” option to cancel your invitation request.

Grow your network on Bixex following the above steps



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