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How to Post a Video on Bixex

  • Sign in to your Bixex account
  • On the homepage, navigate to the blank rectangle with the faint command “share what is on your mind”
  • Below the blank rectangle are these 4 options
  1. Public
  2. Write an article
  3. Image
  4. Video
  • The public option is to control those that can view your post. When you click on Public, it means your post can be seen by everyone on the platform.
  • The write an article option is used only when you want to write a post or an article, while the image option is to attach an image to the article or post.
  • Since you want to upload a video, simply navigate to the video option and click.

If you are using a system, when you click video, you would be redirected to your files on the system. You can click on any video you have saved on your system and upload it.

However, if you are using a phone, the steps are the same. The only difference is that you can record a new video using the phone. To do this, simply chose camera on the page you are redirected to.

  • After uploading the video, you can write a few things about it by clicking ‘write an article’
  • Do not forget to click “public,” to ensure that whatever you are posting is made available to the “public.”
  • Click post

You have successfully posted a video on Bixex



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