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5 Social Networking Sites Every Business Owner Should Know

There is a common mistake among startup business owners; the mistake of wanting to be on every social media platform. While this action might seem a wise one, it doesn’t necessarily trigger business progress. From the most dominant platform to the most obscure, it is very important that business owners understand each platform before registering on it. Based on this, this article examines 5 social networking sites every business owner should know.


By far, Facebook is one of the oldest and most used social media platforms in the world. Also, it is a must-use for business owners who wish to grow their business and maintain an edge in the global market. Facebook’s diverse demography covers a whole lot of places. This made it the perfect place for business owners to run ads and target any demography of their choice. Also, because of the high number of users on Facebook, using the platform for business purposes can be your gamechanger. 


Perhaps it is the professionalism or the rules surrounding how it is used, in less than 2 decades, LinkedIn has grown to be one of the most used professional platforms. Unlike other platforms where just about anything goes, LinkedIn is laser-focused and very professional. As such, one of the advantages of the platform for business owners is that it connects you directly to your target audience. As a platform that is very strategic in its B2C approach, registering on LinkedIn connects you easily with your target audience. 


Think of a platform that combines LinkedIn strategy and Fiverr strategy into one, think Bixex. Although a recent platform, Bixex is breaking the barrier between business-to-business transactions and deals. In the same vein, its marketplace allows you to sell anything, either your skill, career, product, or services. One of the remarkable things about the platform is that it allows you to withdraw your money in your local currency. With the marketplace advantage and the B2B benefit, no doubt, this is the perfect platform for business growth. As if this is not enough, the platform is designed with a social space that further simplifies the process of connecting with other users and growing your community. To get started on Bixex, simply download the app on Google or Apple Play Store or visit

Bixex is simple, safe, and secure.


As a business owner, don’t let the bit-size content of the platform fool you into thinking it is not an effective one. If there is something Twitter helps with, it is that it allows you to connect with anybody; including celebrities, brands, and your targeted customers. Also, Twitter comes in handy for responding to customers’ questions and needs and also connecting with influencers to help promote your brand. Twitter is a go-to for mobile marketers. 


This might seem like a selfies and celebrities platform, but there is a lot of business owners stand to gain when the platform is utilized the right way. With Instagram, you can easily connect with your customers and grow your brand visibility. Also when you put up a Facebook ad, you can easily link this with your Instagram.

If you are a business owner and confused about the platforms to start with, the first 3 are your go-to.



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