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4 Tips To Promote Your Freelance Skills on Social Media

Starting as a freelancer can be demanding and stressful. Aside from deciding what to do, you must also determine how much to charge and acquire gigs regularly. It’s worth noting that freelancers and even businesses who consistently land jobs all have one thing in common: they market themselves.

One of the most effective ways to promote your freelance abilities online is through social media. This is thanks to its large user base and engaged users from all around the world.

Freelancers often make mistakes when it comes to marketing. This is because even good content sometimes doesn’t get engagement, let alone a post that states your need for a job.

Here are four ideas to promote your freelance skills on social media:

  1.     Create a Professional Account and Be Active

Creating a professional account on social media will go a long way in your freelance journey. Being a business that you run on the side, Freelance must have an account with which you approach clients. Speaking to clients using a personal account might not be as convincing as a business account. This is because unlike a personal account, a business account highlights your skills and experiences.

This helps improve your reliability as a freelancer as being active on social media and connecting with other freelancers will promote your skills with like-minds.

  1.   Be Consistent with your Brand Image

Whatever is worth doing at all is worth doing well. Building a brand image as a freelancer requires a high level of consistency as what you do represents you and your skills.

Clients will be able to discover and recognize you at any time, even if you’re on a different social platform.

You can build your brand image by sharing information about the services you provide on a frequent basis. Make your skills very clear and let people know how much of an expert you are. This way, you’re cultivating a subtle awareness in their minds so that when they need a similar service, they’ll think of you.

  1.   Engage

The word “social” is included in the term “social media” for a reason. People can contact and interact with one another regularly, thanks to social media platforms. You can socialize and network with a wide range of professionals this way.

When you decide to use social media for marketing your freelance services, you’ll need to change how you connect with people on your chosen platform. To stay up to date on the newest developments, you can connect with other freelancers and follow freelancing communities

The right community will assist you in pitching for the right clients, hence, the importance of constant engagement.

  1.   Stay Current with Trends

Because social media trends change all the time, users must adopt these changes in order to progress.

You can adjust your content to ongoing trends as needed. This will help you build an audience that is willing to listen to what you can offer while boosting the likelihood of clients finding you.


To promote yourself, you must be willing to go through the hard work of self-marketing. This is why Bixex offers a platform that provides freelancers and businesses with connection opportunities. Do not forget to include Bixex in your strategies.

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